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Since 2002 the situation has changed dramatically in Colombia

Because of half a century of civil conflict, Colombia is one of the least travelled countries in America. Since 2002 the situation has changed dramatically and the  peace treaty with the FARC in 2016 has given access to many parts that were off limits for many decades.

Colombia is also one of he most diverse countries in the world and home to more bird species and orchids than any other place on the planet. Two oceans, four mountain ridges, deserts and snow volcanoes surrounded by tropical rainforests and dry forests make it the perfect destination for nature lovers.

Colombia is also a culturally diverse country with American Indian, Afro, mestizo and European components that give this country a plethora of music, folklore and cuisine. Whether it be dancing salsa or currulao, try afrocolombian didahes or bushmeat in the Amazon, the adventure spirit remains alive the whole time.

Since the most interesting places are off the beaten track and are difficult to get to, Karakoles gives you the perfect car for exploring this vast and diverse country, living a thousand adventures in one.