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Colombia-March 2018

On and off-road through a green desert and crossing the Andean Mountains

It was by far the nicest and most impressive travel that we have done with our kids (4 and 6 years old) – we started with our 4x4 vehicle from Bogota west to the Magdalena river and then south into the Tatacoa desert, continuing to the monolithic statues and UNESCO world heritage site in San Augustin before crossing the Andes to reach stunning colonial Popayan and lively Cali.

The excellently equipped Renault ALASKAN from ¡KARAKOLES! 4x4x car rental was so comfortable that we „flew“ over all kinds of road, wwther they were paved, desert tracks or rocky andean mountain roads. Our kids were especially thrilled with the off road parts and river crossings. It took no longer than 10 minutes to set up both tents, that were very comfortbale and like a playing castle for the kids. From there we could see the starry skies in the Tatacoa. Only in Popayán we decided for the luxury of a hotel just to spend a classy night in the oldest monastery of this colonial town that is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

After the peace treaty in 2016, we see Colombia as a country that is easy and fun to travel. With some basic Spanish, like us, it is no problem to get around since the amazing openness and friendliness of Colombians went a long way to help us discover this beautiful country. The people, the sights and the cuisine captivated us so much that it is difficult to decide what was more interesting but definitely the lush green rainforests in the Andes are unforgettable. We plan to come back and get to know more from this diverse and amazing country.