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Colombia, a country with megadiversity

Ideas for routes

Even though we offer self driving and help you design your best route, here are some ideas for inspiration:

Sugar and Coffee
: drive between Cali and Medellin and see spectacular snow covered volcanoes, coffee plantations and sugar cane haciendas, river gorges, all kinds of wildlife inside and outside of several national parks - nature at its best.

Humboldt and Bonpland: follow roughly the steps of Humboldts expedition, driving along the Magdalena River valley passing all Climate zones and discover ancient indian burial sites, rice paddies, UNESCO heritage sites and finish in amazing Cartagena.

Bolivars journey: when Simon Bolivar made his campaign to finally liberate northern South America from Spanish rule, he travelled across the Llanos from Venezuela to Bogotá. Follow this route backwards, passing historical battle sites and up to the highland moors known as páramos of 4.000m above sea level, then crossing the Llanos to the Orinoco.

Pirates, party and pearls
: drive along the white beaches of the Caribbean coast passing the great fortified city of Cartagena, enjoy carnival in Barranquilla, relax on perfect beaches around Palomino, hike up to the Lost City and visit South Americas northern tip in the Guajira Desert.

Where the cultures meet:Cali is not only world famous for salsa but also the hotspot where native Indian, African and Spanish mestizo culture meet. This diversity is reflected in a varied cuisine, music and people. Within five hours form Cali are some of the best birdwatching spots in the world, several national parks and whale watching in the Pacific Ocean off Buenaventura.

El Dorado: explore ancient indian settlements in the altiplano Cundiboyacense highland with its Spanish colonial towns and the Guatavita lake, where the Muisca King bathed covered in gold dust. This ritual inspired the legend of El Dorado - the golden one. Many conquistadores looked for him and in 1536 three parties of conquistadores from Peru, Venezuela and Cartagena arrived in the region, founding Bogotá. Visit the world renowned Gold Museum and stroll around colonial Candelaria district.

: Colombians are not very fond to be associated with the Pablo Escobar and other drug lords, but being a part of the countries history it is worth exploring the ruins from Pablo Escobar, Carlos Lehder and the Rodriguez brothers: go to Medellin, Hacienda Nápoles, Posada Alemana in Salento and visit Cali.

From Conflict to peace: not many societies manage to live with 50+ years of armed conflict, when they do it becomes part of the culture and comfort zone. The more amazing it is that in 2016  the FARC guerrilleros and the government stuck a peace deal that has transformed the country. This journey  will take you from conflict ridden zones in the Cauca, Huila or Guaviare to the prosperous coffee region, laid back UNESCO World Heritage site Mompox to Colombia’s famous Cartagena, where the peace was sealed.

Pictures: Coffee region, Cartagena de Indias and Salento, Quindio.